'Pure is the water that runs over lava' - Old Icelandic Proverb

THE PUREST DIVE unearths the raw natural beauty, slow decline and geological wonder behind Iceland's magnificent melting glaciers, but more astonishingly HOW? volcanic thousand year-old lava rock, acts as the perfect natural filter, to create ultra-pure, ph neutral water that allows the human eye, to once submerged, see up to distances of +100m, further than any other dive spot on the planet. WOW!

In effect, this amazing phenomenon not only makes Iceland's glacial water epic beyond belief, but also attracts scuba divers and snorkelers from over the globe to visit the land of fire and ice - in search of the something much more sublime - A chance to feel fully alive in water from one of the last frozen ice caps on earth, and to embrace - possibly the clearest, coldest, purest and most breath taking underwater experience of their lives.

Filmed in Iceland during late summer of 2015, this short film documentary follows the journey of some of the world's purest water, featuring breath taking scenes from the Langjokull Glacier and Thingvellir Valley National Park, aswell as colourful underwater scenes from the Davidsgja tectonic fissure located close to Silfra.

The film is presented by David Ramsay and produced by DragonLight Films.